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Vancouver British Columbia

Known for its majestic natural beauty Vancouver, British Columbia, is the third largest city in Canada. It is frequently ranked as one of the world's best cities to live in, with lovely beaches, beautiful architecture, and mountains towering nearby. Vancouver is one of those rare places where theoretically you could ski in the mountains, windsurf in the ocean, and play golf in a single day. Among the city's most popular attractions is Stanley Park, a huge green space jutting into the Pacific Ocean. The park includes heavily forested natural areas and manicured gardens, all accessible by bus, bike, skates, or leisure strolling. It has a world-class aquarium and a charming petting zoo. Every evening, the Nine O'clock Gun is fired; originally used by sailors to set their chronometers, this cannon has marked the time in Vancouver for more than 100 years. The city also boasts a thriving arts scene, world class shopping, lively cultural events, as well as variety of ethnic restaurants and colorful local markets. However, watch out for Vancouver's variable weather- it can be pouring-down rain on one side of the city and sunny and warm on the other side.

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