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When to go?
Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) - While it's always busy, Disney World is slightly slower between mid-January and March. It's summer when the crowds, combined with the heat and humidity, are stifling. Your best bet is either early in the morning or late in the day - often you can enjoy more rides in the first or last two hours of the day than you can the entire rest of the day combined. Disneyland (Anaheim, California)- Summer (mid-June until Labor Day) is the official busy season, but holidays and spring break are equally packed. If you go during peak season, however, the benefits are that the hours tend to be longer, all the rides are generally running, entertainment is always booked, and the on-site restaurants are open. If you're a real die-hard, go during rainy weather. You run the risk of more rides being closed, but the lines are guaranteed to be shorter.

Where to stay?
Walt Disney World - The question: to stay on Disney World Resort property or not. Disney World offers three tiers of resort pricing: Deluxe, Moderate, and Value, with accordingly apportioned amenities and in-hotel attractions. That said, they all offer "Extra Magic Hours" (early access to the theme parks), guaranteed entry when the parks are over-crowded, and frequent shuttle service to the many attractions. Off-property hotels will have shuttle transfers, but often at less regular intervals, wasting more time in transit. You'll also need a rental car, which adds to the expense, offsetting savings in the hotel rate. The "Magic Your Way Package" (resort accommodation, theme park access, and dining option) is a good value if you have a large family. Disneyland - Since Disneyland is much smaller than Disney World, a huge time saver is to find a hotel within walking distance of the main (and only) entrance to the theme parks. Thankfully, there are many Disney affiliated and non-Disney affiliated hotels that meet this criteria. Look for seasonal promotions at both Disney and non-Disney affiliated hotels.

What to do?
Giving advice on what rides to not miss isn't as helpful as how to skip the lines and beat the rush at Disney resorts. Make use of the "Fast Pass," which, for no extra cost, allows you to insert your park entrance ticket into a designated machine at the attraction and receive a scheduled ride time a little later on. For example, use your Fast Pass ticket at a ride just before getting lunch. Once you're done eating, you can return to the ride and jump right on during the busiest time of day. In Orlando at Animal Kingdom, the animals are most active either early or late in the day, so plan accordingly. Thankfully this coincides with the least busy times of day in the park. During the off-season, call ahead to ensure your favorite rides will be open when you plan on visiting. Study the map of the park the night before to plan your visit. You'll save time by knowing where things are and where you're headed.


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