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Taersi Monastery Tibet China

TaerSi Monastery, located in the Xining area, is one of the six great Gelukpa Buddhist monasteries of Tibet. It is also known as Kumbum which means A Hundred Thousand Buddha Images in Tibetan. Butter sculptures, frescoes and padded embroidery are the three treasures of the monastery. It boasts enormous influence in both the religious and secular life of eastern Tibet. The present 14th Dalai Lama studied at this sacred site and the town is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa (Je Rinpoche), the founder of the Gelukpa (Yellow Hat) order. The area around the monastery is full of tourists mingling among the throngs of Tibetan pilgrims who flock to the site from across eastern Tibet, particularly during the Four Summons Ceremonies that take place four times a year.

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