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When to go?
Most visitors prefer to visit Arizona in the spring and fall. At that time, the mountains of the North near Flagstaff aren't too cold, and the desert in Phoenix and Scottsdale isn't too hot. Sedona's elevation is relatively high so winter can get cold. On the other hand, if you love the heat, summer is your time to visit Arizona - with lower hotel rates during the summer, you can bake for less... at least it's a dry heat.

Where to stay?
Southern Arizona is the place for resorts and spas that strive to push the limit of luxury, as well as the limit of your credit card. Your best alternatives are bed and breakfasts in Sedona and chain hotels in Phoenix and Scottsdale. If you're in Arizona for a <a href="" title="Grand Canyon vacation" target="_blank">Grand Canyon vacation</a>, many people opt to make Flagstaff their base as there are plenty of moderate chain hotels and motels that cater to the canyoning clientele.

What to do?
In summer, bring a topo map and a water bottle then hit the trails to hike or mountain bike in Sedona's red rock canyons. If your idea of enjoying the outdoors includes championship golf or professional shopping, Phoenix and Scottsdale cater best to your needs. But be sure to reserve an early tee time; the scorching heat later in the day can take the fun out of the fairway.


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