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Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park, in southern Texas, is named after the 90-degree turn the Rio Grande takes, defining two sides of the huge triangle of land that forms the park. It is a place of seemingly endless landscapes, of rolling desert punctuated by rock outcrops, canyons, and foreboding mountains; all framing the ever-present green ribbon that is the Rio Grande. Big Bend rewards patient visitors with a sense they can discover hidden treasures - rounding a corner to find an oasis of life, diverse and vibrant, where least expected; driving into a huge forested basin, surrounded by breathtaking views of mountain peak; gazing at endless vistas from a solitary viewpoint; looking up at a sky holding more stars than it seemed could exist; stumbling upon a striking formation of ancient rock, wondering if anyone else has ever laid eyes upon it. Outfitters servicing the park offer spectacular rafting, canoeing, or kayaking trips through one or more steep canyons of the Rio Grande. You can also soak in hot springs near the river. The park is famous for birdwatching and has fantastic wildlife. However, it is very remote and isolated; in practical terms it is accessible only by car and you are duly warned to fill up you tank at each and every opportunity. In fact, if you want to go horseback riding, which is a fine way to travel through the park, you not only have to bring your own horse (that's right, B.Y.O.H.), you even have to bring your own hay (B.Y.O.H.2). No grazing allowed!

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