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Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park consists of five of the eight Channel Islands off the coast of the U.S. state of California, in the Pacific Ocean. The islands within the park extend along the southern California coast from Point Conception near Santa Barbara to San Clemente Island, southwest of Los Angeles. Although the islands are close to the shore of densely-populated southern California, their isolation has left them relatively undeveloped. More than 2,000 species of plants and animals can be found within the park including the deer mouse, spotted skunk, Channel Islands fox, Island fence lizard, harbor seal, sea lion, American kestrel, horned lark and California brown pelican. One hundred and forty-five of these species are unique to the islands and found nowhere else in the world. Marine life ranges from microscopic plankton to the endangered blue whale, the largest animal ever to live on earth. Current Internet Travel Offers for Channel Islands...

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