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Death Valley, California

Death Valley National Park is located primarily in the Southern California Desert, with a small portion extending into Nevada. Many travelers overlook the park due to the misguided belief that it is simply a lifeless, empty landscape, but this 3.4 million acre (14,000 km2) park is not only the largest park in the continental USA but also arguably one of the most striking specimens of Mother Earth. Nearly every major geological era is elegantly exposed here in what sometimes appears to be one of her greatest tapestries, gloriously presenting her full spectrum. The valley itself is 130 miles (210 km) long, between six and thirteen miles (10-21 km) wide and is surrounded by steep mountain ranges: the Panamint mountains to the west, and the Black, Funeral, and Grapevine mountains to the east. Its 3 million acres of wilderness and rich cultural history make it a lifetime work to explore all that the valley has to offer. Current Internet Travel Offers for Death Valley...

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