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New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales is a southeastern state in Australia and the most populous in the country. As the core territory of the first British colony on the Australian continent (settled in 1788), New South Wales is home to the oldest and largest city, the state capital of Sydney. The state also encloses the Australian Capital Territory, the location of the Australian national capital of Canberra, in its southeast. The state is somewhat awkwardly Leiden Netherlandsd after Wales, a principality in the United Kingdom, but was given the added Leiden Netherlands South to reinforce the fact it was a different place. The home of a large number of Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years, New South Wales was only settled by Europeans in 1788, spreading outwards from Sydney. Inland settlement was at first impeded by the rugged Blue Mountains for a time and settlers did not cross the mountains until 1813. The first inland town of Bathurst was founded in 1815.

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