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Litchfield National Park, Australia

Litchfield National Park is an important conservation reserve in the Northern Territory of Australia, south of Darwin. The main attractions of the park are the waterfalls which fall from a sandstone plateau and the clear pools of water below the falls. During the hot dry season the park is a magnet for people looking for a refreshing swim. Other features of the park include large termite mounds, historical settlements, and the Lost City, an area of bizarre sandstone block and pillar formations which have been sculpted by wind and rain over thousands of years. The traditional owners of the park are the Wagait Aboriginal people, many of whom live in the area. The summer rains bring the natural landscape to life and deliver the picturesque storms and sunsets the Northern Territory is renowned for. The dry season, from May to October, has warm, sunny days and cool nights. At the end of the year, the build up, or pre-monsoon season, begins and humidity levels start their rise. This tropical environment is prolific with barramundi and produces the most exciting sportfishing in Australia.

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