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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Vacation Travel

More About Galapagos Islands - Editor's Tips - Weather Maps & Dining

When to go?
The Galapagos, while remote, have nonetheless been discovered. Near the Equator, the weather is mostly temperate, with an average yearly temperature of 28 degrees C. (85 F). A hot season from December-May often brings heavy rains in January and February. May-June and September-December are considered low season, but only because that is when there are fewer tourists. Once summer comes, the waters are sprinkled with hundreds of boats and the animals must feel like they are under siege from camera fire.

Where to stay?
The goal is navigate your way to visiting as many islands as possible, since each offers its own unique species of flora and fauna. This means living on a boat, whether a small, funky but seaworthy converted trawler, a yacht, or a cruise ship. Try to find a balance between a craft that is clean and has credible naturalists on board, but is not too large. The fewer people on field trips every day, the better.

What to do?
The unique ecosystems and wildly oddball animals, birds and landscapes cannot be seen elsewhere. Educate yourself about Galapagos history and to take advantage of every hiking, viewing, snorkeling or diving opportunity afforded you. This is not a place to try to scrimp - chances are you will not be back. You will groan when you board the panga at dawn, but you will be glad. Take binoculars.


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