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Ragusa Italy

Ragusa is a city in southern Italy on the island of Sicily, built on a wide limestone hill between two deep valleys. The origins of Ragusa can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BC. In 1693 the city was devastated by a huge earthquake, which killed some 5,000 inhabitants. Following this catastrophe the city was largely rebuilt and many baroque buildings date from this period. The city has two distinct areas, the lower and older town of Ragusa Ibla, and the higher Ragusa Superiore (Upper Town). The two halves are separated by the Valle dei Ponti, a deep ravine crossed by four bridges, the most noteworthy of them is the eighteenth-century Ponte dei Cappuccini. The economy of the surrounding province hinges mainly on agriculture, tourism, light manufacturing and small oilfields. Together with the other seven cities in the Val di Noto, it is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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