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Acadia National Park

Pink granite mountains, dark evergreen forests, rocky, windswept beaches, and mirror-smooth glacial lakes help give Acadia National Park, along the coast of Maine, its beauty. This is the only national park in New England and the first national park established east of the Mississippi River. The park is made up of several islands and a coastal peninsula with spectacular ocean views. Visitors can drive or bicycle along a paved coastal loop road; they can take a horse-and-buggy ride or ride bikes along the carriage roads of crushed granite to see parts of old estates and natural landscapes, not accessible by car; they can rent sea kayaks to explore the coast from the water. During the high tourist season, they can use the propane-powered buses of the free Island Explorer transportation system to get around. Using bike racks on the front or back of one of these buses, visitors can contribute to the park's multimodal iniative to make Acadia car free, or as free of cars as possible. This will help everyone appreciate the splendor of this small but significant national park.

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