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New York, NY Vacation Travel

More About New York City - Editor's Tips - Weather Maps & Dining

When to go?
Many attractions can be found indoors, so visiting the city is not as dependent on weather or season as some other destinations. That said, the potential for heat and suffocating humidity in July and August should not be ignored. November is the beginning of chilly winter weather, and New York knows how to turn the pre-holiday season into pure magic, from ice skating in Rockefeller Plaza to window shopping on 5th Avenue.

Where to stay?
Midtown Manhattan, with a central location and a wide range of hotel options, is considered by many to be the best base from which to tour New York. Midtown is large and diverse, so you may want to first plan your main city activities and then look for hotels nearby. Hotel room availability and rates vary widely depending on demand, so holidays and conventions can dramatically effect your options.

What to do?
You can be relatively spontaneous during the daylight hours, visiting museums, landmarks and a wide variety of shopping districts to suit your taste and budget. However, when it comes to nighttime activities and entertainment, reservations and advance tickets are required for most of the good stuff, including restaurants and theater, so advance planning is essential.


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