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Chamonix France

Chamonix is a famous resort valley in the French Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc. It is known throughout the world for spectacular cable car rides that offer breathtaking views of the mountains. In fact, the Aiguille du Midi cable car is one of the highest cable cars in the world; starting at just over 1000 m (3950 ft) and finishing at 3810 m (about 15,000 ft), it has the greatest vertical range of any ride in the world. You can marvel at the snow-capped mountains, huge glaciers, and dramatic north faces of alpine peaks from the comfortable enclosure of a cable car and even get out and ski (safest with a guide) through the scenery. In any case, bring warm clothes; the high Alps are always cold, even in the middle of the summer! If you plan on skiing or hiking, take a few days to acclimatize to the altitude; you have a perfect excuse to eat fondue, drink hot chocolate, and relax by the fireplace.

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