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Inch Abbey

County Clare, Ireland

County Clare is a much loved and well-touristed region on the west coast of Ireland. Clare is most famous for the Cliffs of Homer, one of the most popular tourist destinations, offering spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. Also of interest, is the Burren landscape with its distinctive flora and fauna and the many charming small villages. Clare has more than its fair share of unique and distinctive pubs that cater to all tastes, both traditional and modern. Clare is the perfect place to go if you are looking for traditional Irish music and wish to drink stout or Irish whiskey to the strains of reels and jigs. English is the first language of Clare people, although it can be quite difficult to understand the brogue; at times. Music students come from around the world the first weekend in July to learn traditional Irish from noted musicians during the day and play tunes in the pubs at night.

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