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Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park, in central California, is adjacent to Sequoia National Park and is administered with it as a single unit by the National Park Service. Kings Canyon National Park consists of two sections. The small, detached General Grant Grove section of Kings Canyon National Park preserves several groves of giant sequoia including the General Grant Grove, with the famous General Grant Tree (the third-largest tree in the world), and the Redwood Mountain Grove, which is the largest remaining natural giant sequoia grove in the world, with 15,800 trees over one foot in diameter. This section of the park is readily accessible via paved highways. The remainder of Kings Canyon National Park, which comprises over 90% of the park's total area, forms the headwaters of several rivers and has extensive glacial canyons. Carved out of granite, Kings Canyon is one of the deepest in the United States. It has a relatively flat floor surrounded by towering cliffs thousands of feet high. In addition, the canyon contains a cave formation called Boyden Cave. Kings Canyon, and its developed area, Cedar Grove, is the only portion of the main part of the park accessible by car. To the east of the canyons is classic high Sierra country: barren alpine ridges and glacially scoured lake-filled basins. The Sierra Crest runs through the park, culminating in North Palisade peak; at over 14,200 feet, this is the highest point in the park.

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