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Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Located in southeastern New Mexico, Carlsbad Caverns National Park includes a series of limestone caves, among which is the Big Room--the third-largest cave chamber in the Americas and the seventh largest cave chamber in the world. You can take hike down to this chamber or take an elevator down. The Big Room has a paved path and audio-guided tours with headphones are available. You'll see rock formations with evocative names, including Witch's Finger, Iceberg Rock, and Rock of Ages. You can dine underground, cafeteria-style, in the lunchroom, built in the 1950s. For a fee, the park offers tours of "wild caves" to give the visitor a taste of what an undeveloped cave is like; those signing up for such tours should be in good health and be prepared for some hard work, such as crawling through tight spaces; they should wear clothes that they don't mind getting seriously dirty. A few minutes after sunset throughout most of the year, visitors gather in a small, outdoor seating area near the natural entrance to the cave to watch swarms of bats emerge from the cave. New caves continue to be discovered throughout the park and new techniques for exploring the caves have been pioneered there. Current Internet Travel Offers for Carlsbad Caverns NP...

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